19 novembre 2014

Come Play

i'm wearing my favorite isabel Marant jacket, so fancy, my colleague always says it reminds him The Mask Hey Pachuco dance  haha!
What do you say?
StrawTheLabel leather bagpack, CDG tee shirt, Levis vintage 501

16 novembre 2014

15 Novembre

 I'm wearing Maje Knitwear, skinny Jeans from Topshop, scarve from étoile Isabel Marant,
Boots Isabel Marant,, necklace Byinviteonly

14 novembre 2014


Hi Guys,
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Last Fall outfit still working ! 

9 novembre 2014

NORWAY Travel Diary

Road to Nowhere is the right way.
Why ?
because Live on the Road is a great way to escape.
To Wonderland where you forge your own traditions.
Now is all we have, with Endless soul

My days have been spent in the Wildest moments, Norway is Breathtaking.
Traveling is primary, it helps me to get an true insight of my life away from unnecessary.

eat : 
Smakverket, landmark Kafe, Lysverket, Kolonialen at Litteraturhuset
coffee Kaffemisjonen
Pepper and Lot 333

Briller By Malene Birger

I'm wearing my sequin Top from By Malene Birger with a casual outfit, love to mix it with leather jacket and skinny jeans (by Acne)
 Knitwear also By Malene Birger.