19 octobre 2014

Comme une Parisienne

I was literally ecstatic to find this plant in a florist Rue Oberkampf !
My apartment looks so radiant, its a good alternative to bouquet of roses.
Wish you all had an amazing Sunny week end

This belt from Maje goes absolutely with everything... It gives to your look something more stylish easily. I wear it with on large jumper or cardigan, on a trench as seen on previous post. 

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16 octobre 2014

Get Back to Black Basic !

Hi Guys!
I enjoyed wearing this soft Jumper from Maje, leather pant Isabel Marant, Python Bag from Faustine Paris,
Sunglasses RayBan 

15 octobre 2014

Golden Week


Jewelry from Aurélie Bidermann

11 octobre 2014

Look Marine

Yes, i do love Bleu Marine.
i like also contrast when i dress up, wearing something very Chic with casual sneakers, 
large pant with feminine top, mini skirt better goes with large cosy top
i always feel comfortable when i apply this theory
When you decide to show your legs don't show your neckline and vice-versa