3 novembre 2017

Breakfast at 7 AM in my MeUndies

Early mornings are best spent in a peaceful mood and our favorite daily essentials. Together they provide the perfect state for reflection and tranquillity. 

I'm wearing Everyday collection from MeUndies.com

Life of boheme in MeUndies.com

30 septembre 2017

CarréCouture Paris Fashion Week

I made this PFW selection in a certain timeless and simplicity orientation, with a focus on the ease of the everyday. Modern and real life reflection in this pieces selected from Le CarréCouture 
The Women Luxury fashion destination has the most relevant and conscientious selection. 

24 septembre 2017

Magda Butrym in Venise

Wearing Magda Butrym // Balenciaga shoes here // CHANEL Bag // AllBlues earrings

Venise Film Festival Jaeger-LeCoultre

Durant le 74 ème Festival du film de Venise, Jeager-LeCoultre rendait une fois de plus hommage au cinéma. Vous pouvez découvrir la Maison Jaeger-LeCoultre et sa présence au festival sur le site.

Je suis habillée en  CHANEL