4 septembre 2008

My name is Marta.

Hello GirLs!!! I'm Marta and i have decided to have my Blog. its a new thing for me so if you have any advices or suggestions,preferences... please let me know :)
hope you will like my blog because i loooove ALL yours!
much Love,

12 commentaires:

Wendy a dit…

Gosh I'm going to be such a fan girl. Love your style!

vogue a dit…

aww thanks so much lovely!!! soo glad you joined us in the blogging world! def adding you to my blog roll! loving your pages, your style is amazing! xxx

♥ fashion chalet a dit…

Yay for the blog!!! <3

Loved your style for years on MySpace!! :)

Anonyme a dit…

i really love your style. you're definitely gonna be added onto my favourites :) cant wait to see more pictures from you!!

Alegs a dit…

I am so excited that you have started a blog! I am Polish as well but I live in the US and it is great to find a Polish girl that has such great style. You are an inspiration!


Welcome, Marta :-)

So cool that you started your own blog. Would love to see your outfits on a daily basis! Love your style!


♥ fashion chalet a dit…

it's gone from addicted to crazy! lol. but hey, everyone is entitled to some kind of obsession, right? :)

cleo a dit…

well finally love marta has a blog:)she is gorgeous with her great style and personality:)
love you girl...cant wait for new pics from you:)

VanessaFromMilan a dit…

hi!i like your blog..!!
read my blog if you want...!
big kiss..i like you style!

Anonyme a dit…
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Anonyme a dit…

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