19 mai 2010

Berlin StaL Tour.

Some pics from Berlin where we spent good time with friends and my bf band (StaL).
some more soon and many others from Sweden and PoLanD :)
leggings h&m,jacket zara,shoes converse,bag balenciaga.

8 commentaires:

Stella a dit…

Un en mot : magnifique :-)

Kathleen a dit…

Superbes photos ! Tu es magnifique.

caylee a dit…

pretty pretty marta =)
i love your floral leggings!
hope your trip around europe is going great!

Meg a dit…

Lovely, so enjoyable to look through your treasure of photos from your trip. Looking forward to seeing more soon. Take care and be well xo

Fashion Chalet a dit…


love the matching leather jackets!!


Caro in the city a dit…

La dernière photo est juste sublime !
ça avait l'air génial comme ambiance <3

fashionbee a dit…

Where did you buy your sunglasses? I love them!

MARTA a dit…

Emanuelle kahn vintage!