23 avril 2011

StaL Tour 2011

as i told you i'm going with my bf on Tour in Europe and i'm looking forward to meet people over Europe.
Let you know asap about the venues !
Danemark,Germany,Poland,Holland,Belgium,Czech Rep.
see you!!!! Happy easter :)

may 7 : Belgium  Brussels
may 8 : Belgium Hasselt at Paviljoen
may 9 : Belgium TBA
may 10 : Holland Amsterdam
may 11 : Holland Amsterdam
may 12 : Germany Hambourg
may 13 : Danemark Copenhaguen at KB18
may 14 : Germany Berlin OFF
may 15 : Germany Berlin at NBI
may 16 : Czech Rep ?
may 17 : Czech Rep ?
may 18 : Poland Poznan at Podminoga
may 19 : Poland Sopot at Papryka
may 20 : Poland Warsaw at Progresja
may 21 : ?

20 commentaires:

Let us coexist a dit…

j'espère que vous viendrez à Gand!

alannah. a dit…

woo! what an awesome way to spend the next few weeks. have lots of fun :) x


Zaret Bullones a dit…

Is your boyfriend's band or group called Stal? I am just wondering since i am curious to hear some of their or his stuff

Anonyme a dit…

whoa. so cooooooool!


Bohemian a dit…

Nice look, have fun!

Eline a dit…

I live in Holland, I think you'll have a great time here!

Anonyme a dit…

J'adore !

MARTA a dit…

Zaret yes its my bf's band called Stal you can listen on myspace www.myspace.com/ilovestal
and like Stal on facebook

k. a dit…

loveeeee this.
Perfect concert outfit.

MM a dit…

Oh, so sar you're not coming to Switzerland...


PiruletadeGato a dit…

And when are you going to Spain? :)


Gabrielle a dit…

wow.. awesome!! looks like so much fun.

sweet harvest moon a dit…

Vraiment cool!


Naima Amarilli a dit…

Charmant! J'ai decouvert seulment maintenant ton blog mais je suis tombeè amoreux jusque à l'image-intestation! Tu est mieux que Vogue! Je te suivi!



Just updated my blogroll and noticed you were missing.. added you in, love!


Anonyme a dit…

please take lots and lots of pictures of yourself and post them! bisous

Cinja a dit…

oh that's SO exciting! wish you loooads of fun!

Kenza a dit…

j'adore ton blog!

Kenza xxxx


ex-princess a dit…

owh my god I really love your look, I'm from Holland when is your boyfriends band going to play in the Netherlands and where?

Ambypure a dit…

Cool that you're coming to Holland :)