4 mai 2012

Sound of Sirens

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Unknown a dit…

Superbes photos et tenues ! :D

katieanne a dit…

sooo not to sound like a creepy stranger, but i remember finding your myspace wayyyyyy back when and thinking you had such great style. i don't know how i came across your blog, but nothing has changed! you still have a wicked sense of style! :)

MARTA a dit…

sounds cool ! nice you came across and find me :)
now going visit your blog!

ana a dit…

haha i was the one saying ( in your previous post)that i wasn’t as fond of your outfits!!! here they are absolutely gorgeous !!!

MARTA a dit…

haha thank for being honnest ! :) i appreciate.

annamaria a dit…

I literally check your blog every day for updates! I love your style and the way you live :)
have an awesome time and keep us updated!

also, would you make a bikini inspired post? (I mean what bikini would you buy for this summer, if you haven't already bought one) it's time for me to buy one and I really trust no one but you! (sounds creepy, sorry)

thank you, have a lovely weekend!

ASH a dit…

wow you look gorgeous. I love your Marant trousers.

ASH a dit…

wow you look gorgeous. I love your Marant trousers.

Maryline a dit…

year super les photos!
tu as du t'éclater!!
le look est top, le pant à l'air agreable à porter! j'ai le meme haut résille que toi mais en manches longues! je m'en lasse pas du resille!

des bisous bella

Anne France a dit…

Un look au top, tu as beaucoup de style.


blondie a dit…

quelle est la marque de cette veste sublime? merciiii

Anonyme a dit…

The food looks really yummy and your pants are really cool ;)

luna a dit…

ah the food is making me so hungry!
love the gold jacket