26 juin 2012

be or not to be where you want to be

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Khia a dit…

Craquage pour ta seconde tenue!

Anonyme a dit…

j'aime la tenue avec la veste en jean rose;)

Unknown a dit…

J'adore toutes tes photos ! :)

Nina a dit…

Hi Marta!
Your summer is allready looking like lots of fun! I enjoy reading your blog, the style, the clothes, the FOOD!! Where did you find your nice linnen cushion-covers? At Merci?
Keep up the good work and enjoy the rest of the summer!
Love from Amsterdam!

La Mode Operandi a dit…

What a cozy little nest you have!

Ivanna a dit…

cute photos! x


Anonyme a dit…

Hello Marta
Sublime !!!
Dis moi ton pantalon marant rayé, tu le portes en quelle taille ??? T0 ou T1 ???

MARTA a dit…

taille 0

linnen cushion cover from merci

Y a dit…

Looks so fun.

Love ur blog.

From Y

evie a dit…

great bag!:)

Natalie Hughes a dit…

I am completely obsessed with your blog, having found it through Find Me a Muse - love love love your style and affinity for Marant (I'm also an Isabel fan). Nx

Anonyme a dit…

I love your shoes on pic 10! Where did you buy them?

Anonyme a dit…

I love your red&white stripes pants!


Kate Junior a dit…

Love these pictures!

fashion raccoon a dit…

I love your house, Martha. x

Camilla a dit…

Love love loveee the shots of your house. So cozy and beautiful!

Camilla x