31 octobre 2013

Everything is Embarrassing

                                                  Manteau zara, vans, trio bag Cline, slim noir Superfine.

8 commentaires:

Unknown a dit…

Wow Marta! LOve that coat

Stephanie a dit…

such a rad coat!


Anonyme a dit…

You're a fashion girl !
It's one of my favorite blog. Sue.

Anonyme a dit…

This coat is made for you!
Which size are you wearing in that? XS or S?
Zara recently runs so small sometimes. Thank you!

Unknown a dit…

Ce manteau!!!!!!! *_*


Coline ♡

MARTA a dit…

i have a XS

electric feel a dit…

great coat!

Mariposanegra a dit…

Przepiękny płaszcz!