6 septembre 2014

New Hair

Summer is over, Wavy salty hair also. Naturally, Autumn is the perfect time for a new hair cut,
but our Maniac obsession for hair is the result of an eternal hesitation. It's such a big deal, seriously. 
We express our feelings by changing something, the color, the cut. 
Then you regret this feeling, the change....
or you completely adoring it and feel amazingly confident. 
i selected for you some of my fav's products i did already try and had a "good hair day" thanks to!
                              Photo credit Tumblr

2 commentaires:

Selene Over the Pond a dit…

also for me it is the time to cut my long long hair...

EMA a dit…

I was scared of cutting my hair for so long... And then I did it and now I am addicted!!

Be brave, worst case scenery, it grows back!!