11 octobre 2014

Look Marine

Yes, i do love Bleu Marine.
i like also contrast when i dress up, wearing something very Chic with casual sneakers, 
large pant with feminine top, mini skirt better goes with large cosy top
i always feel comfortable when i apply this theory
When you decide to show your legs don't show your neckline and vice-versa 

7 commentaires:

Daria a dit…

You're so right: always balance it out! x

midori a dit…

Is also my favorite color for cloths! Are you going to Pitchfork festival in paris? xxx

Ludo Andréa a dit…

J'adore ce look, le pull est vraiment top!



Anonyme a dit…

Where is your skirt from marta?

Anonyme a dit…

Where is your skirt from marta?

monkeyshines ♥ a dit…


Sassique a dit…

Very cool look!