9 novembre 2014

NORWAY Travel Diary

Road to Nowhere is the right way.
Why ?
because Live on the Road is a great way to escape.
To Wonderland where you forge your own traditions.
Now is all we have, with Endless soul

My days have been spent in the Wildest moments, Norway is Breathtaking.
Traveling is primary, it helps me to get an true insight of my life away from unnecessary.

eat : 
Smakverket, landmark Kafe, Lysverket, Kolonialen at Litteraturhuset
coffee Kaffemisjonen
Pepper and Lot 333

13 commentaires:

Pauline a dit…

Pourrais-tu me dire où tu as logé pendant ton séjour, s'il te plait?

annie a dit…

Wooow! I couln't wait to see your photos! they are amazing.

Meryl a dit…

Superbe ce voyage!
Quel est le nom de la maison au bord de l'eau ou tu loges ? ou du moins comment as tu trouvé pour réserver ? je suis très intéressée !

Merci Marta !

ediot a dit…

I miss Norway so much. I went to Bergen and Hardangervidda this summer- and was amazed. Cannot wait to go back asap.
Great shots

e d i o t

Unknown a dit…

ça donne envie, c'est vraiment super beau!!



Sassique a dit…

Looks like a very cool trip!


Stephanie a dit…

Beautiful pictures, pure natural beauty and landscapes! Such a perfect getaway for fall! Definitely on my bucket list ;)


Ado M a dit…

Norway looks amazing. Great shots! I also really like the song at the end of the post. I can't stop replaying it! xx

jane beigner a dit…

salut martha,
I think it is not so very kind of you not to answer the question of your commentaires.
do you want to keep this place secret? that is ok, but it would be just fair and nice to give at least this explanation.
best, jane.

MARTA a dit…

Hi Jane,
homeaway.co.uk is the website where my bf booked:) it was my anniversary present so i didn't booked the location :)
the town was Ulvik ! really small so easy to find.
sorry about that.
have a lovely week

jane beigner a dit…

merci marta!
maybe that will help to find a similar nice house, looks really amazing. nice bf! :)

midori a dit…

Woooow! Amazing pictures & atmosphere! So jealous!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Hey Marta!!I looooooove your boots!!!
I was looking for a similar pair!are they Dc Martens?