3 mai 2015

NEW YORK Photo Diary

When You decide you will spend a week in New York before to head to a event invitation in Dallas, You never know what will happen... 
And i'm always excited by this feeling, wondering in the plane about my upcoming memories. 
I spend my first Night at ACE hotel, love this place, young and full of energy, they have a wonderful lobby where you can hang out with friends and watch some live music or take a coffee to stay and watch cosy(ly) people in the rush at the Hotel's coffee place. 
Then i stayed with friends, chilling and hanging ans simply enjoyed NYC as much as i wished.
Place to eat : The Butchers daughter
Place to Shop: Anthom 

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Unknown a dit…

What fab shots!

lb-lc fashion blog

Unknown a dit…

Les photos sont cool!



Anonyme a dit…

I love your K Jacques sandals! Can I ask are they current? I can't see them on the website? Thankx