13 septembre 2016

Highland Park Vintage

Finally in L.A and more exactly Highland Park, i was much more familiar in the past with Silverlake Los felix or West Hollywood and felt a little bit lost like i didn't recognize my L.A routine.
First week here and should admit i wasn't feeling home at all and keep asking myself why are you here? So i just kept exploring my neighborhood and was extremely satisfied to see that people in Highland Park are cooler and smile much more than in West Hollywood, the area is full of vintage treasures, clothes, furnitures 
The coffee places have extremely strong Hysper vibes ^^ but good coffee though 

I found this dress in a vintage store on Figueroa Street for 20$
its nude yellow color the sleeves are huge the fabric soft coton and looks very Célinish 

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Jenna Opsahl a dit…

Hahahah yeah, I live in Weho and there isn't a lot of smiling going on. I just went over to the east side for some vintage shopping as well, and it definitely gives off a more homey vibe. Gorgeous dress and photos!