17 décembre 2016

Beauty Routine

 Since a month i started a daily skin routine more intense than i used to have before.
My face is looking more fresh, my red zones disappeared and my pores less visible and more clean looking. i've been told by friends that my skin is "glowing" 

What i did is simple.
First step :
I started to use for the first time a eye cream.
I have tried 3 eye creams during this month ( not sponsored ) 

1. Power repair eye cream from Peak Scents is a miracle i love it for night because its a bit oily and very rich, here are the First mentioned contains in this small elixir : Plant infused oils organic green tea, Leaf, Jasmine and clementine, shea butter, cocoa butter, virgin coconut oil, jojoba, comfrey, beeswax etc....Impressive. best texture and natural addictive smell.
The result is immediate. 

2. Mario Badescu was very dessapointing, very poor moisturizing don't like the texture, no results. 

3. Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream. Dreamy creamy texture, good smell, perfect moisturizing.
My favourite so far for day time as it prepares my skin for a seamless concealer application. 
Its available here 

See you next time for more steps of my Beauty Routine tips 

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