1 décembre 2016

Time is Less

Main inspiration is Timeless but it turns unique when your personal twist bring a 
"Je ne sais quoi"  "à la Française"
We easily imagine this inspiration with a cashmere. V neck. Big earrings. natural hair. 
no make-up and all smile. 
 I was focus on Acne for years but i definitely haven't got Swedish genes, long and dreamy skinny legs to fit perfectly those pricey Jeans. You probably know what i mean.
I finally decided to start looking for a vintage Levi's but it wasn't flattering as it is on instagram or pinterest pictures. 
When i arrived in L.A i tried RE/DONE Levi's and i promise it was a success! 
It fits perfectly a "standard" girl not only the blonde and tall one's, the length is as it should be, the color is vintage blue denim, it feels all comfy and its all i want to wear. 
For a more Parisian version i love the Vanessa Seward high waisted and brut one, looks Chic feminine and flattering. 

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