31 mars 2010

Summer days memories


Toi & Moi à St Paul de Vence, un des plus beau village de France. QueLLe Journée..

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rouli a dit…

very cool post!

welcome summer!


cleo a dit…

ohh i love this outfit of yours:))really looks summery and looks great on you babe:))

Eve a dit…

Je découvre ton blog et je le trouve très frais ! J'adore ton style et tes photos, bravo à toi.

Fashion Chalet a dit…

LOVELY outfit :)

And I like your room photos.

I need to organize my jewelry better. ;)


ryder a dit…

you jusr becoming better and better

love ur style

Jenny a dit…

Great blog! I'll follow you.

Kisses from Holland


Nerdic.. a dit…

Love the leggings!! Where did you get them?
xoxo fashionnerdic

divine bunny a dit…

love the pants!!!!!

wow i need those. i just found a large floral print pant but i wouldnt mind finding those!

thegoodtimes a dit…

I love your outfit!
it looks perfect on u!
^^ kisses! (K)

MARTA a dit…

Nerdic :

the leggings are from zara last summer collection.
but i think you can find some nice at vintage shop :)