2 avril 2010

Stockholm vs Copenhagen


Last year Peter and I have been in Copenhagen, such an amazing city... we saw the little mermaid,went to Tivoli (children Paradise imagined by Andersen) we took some Tuborg beers at Nyhavn... it was one of most amazing trip we made :)
and now we are hesitating to go back in Copenhagen or go to Stockholm...
if you have some advices for my trip Do not Hesitate guys!
and have a nice week end :)
keep enjoying Life!

10 commentaires:

Mauranne a dit…

love the dress! I'm following you!!

rouli a dit…

cool dress!!!!!!!


Jess a dit…

Motel? Great hat x

caylee a dit…

stockholm seems like one of the most amazing cities in the world (especially fashion wise), and i would die to go there - i think you should go to stockholm marta!

MARTA a dit…

Caylee, i checked some cheap tickets !!!!!!!! exited !!!!!!!!! i think Stockholm would be amazing :)

Anonyme a dit…

you look gorgeous

Fashion-Vanity a dit…

Great outfit.
Love the low back of the dress.

X River

Clara Campelo a dit…

amazing hat
lovely blog!!

Eleonora a dit…

cool hat!

Eve a dit…

Haaaaaa cette robe de ouf !!! Le dos décolleté c'est juste le top !!