13 septembre 2010

September issue

my friends


After work StroLL,

sweat H&M, short vintage, bag balenciaga, boots isabel Marant

10 commentaires:

cleo a dit…

you and tash both look amazing...loved to be there with you babe!!!

Kimberley Brandsma a dit…

I love your style! The bra you're wearing on the last pictures looks really pretty! Where did you get it, if I may ask?;)

Stella a dit…

les vraies bohémiennes :-)
*** Love it ***

MARTA a dit…

the bra is from Roseanna, a french brand :)

caylee a dit…

perfect, again! you have SO many amazing isabel marant things. especially those boots! love love love them.

Stylison a dit…

love the sweater in the last photo


Sassi a dit…

love the whole outfits! really adorable!

Unknown a dit…

cool post!:)get more fashion inspiration on POP DISORDER!

rouli a dit…

im totally in love with this look!

ur sweater ur shorts ur bag ur socks ur BOOTS




Anonyme a dit…

love every look!