16 septembre 2011

la tête dans les Nuages. La Villette !

robe et bouson jean isabel marant (old collection)
boots isabel marant.
lunettes h&m 

16 commentaires:

Bonjourjr a dit…

Chic outfit!Love the boots..and ankle bracelet..:)))


Her Persona a dit…

great pics, love your vest


Eline a dit…

These photos are really cool.

L. Edgar Otto a dit…

We will always gaze into your eyes to see your heart and soul through rose colored glasses :-)

Annie Chang a dit…

adore the vest & retro sunnies! love how you unzip the booties too!


Julia Rambaud a dit…

incredible pictures. nice blog! Xx

Victoire a dit…

Dit jolie Marta tu as quel âge ?
Et je voulais savoir tes boots dicker Isabel Marant, ce sont les beige ?
Continue ton blog, je l'apprécie énormément.

Vulette a dit…

Your style is so great, you always look super cool!

What does the word 'Villette' mean? My name is Vulette so thought they might be connected... Please fill me in!!

Vulette x

India a dit…

Whar a beautiful pics! Lovely outfit!

Ana Ferrandis a dit…

nice pics! you have a lovely blog!
loads of kisses!


MARTA a dit…

Victoire j ai 26 ans.
les boots c pas les beige mais les kaki.

MARTA a dit…

Vilette is the name of this place, but it means nothing else.

Erika a dit…

I really like your blog and I follow you..do you follow me?
This is mine: www.myfreechoice.net

ps: beautiful outfit!


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Cammie Callisto a dit…

love this outfit -x-

НевенаБеоград a dit…

Marta, love your blog, been reading it for a while... Love your style, so sweet! Check out my blog at: isolationnevena.blogspot.com

Kisses from Serbia! :)

steph a dit…

j'adore tes lunettes!!!