26 juillet 2011

Groove Armada - I Won't Kneel

This song is killing me. Groove Armada and Bon Iver are for sure my favorite summer band.

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Listening I Won't kneel and packing again ! Tomorrow morning fly to Italy.
Life is simply beautiful, enjoy your summer Girls and Boys, Smile & dance its the way to be happy!
be colorfull be happy be beautiful be unique be you be fun be friendly be young be in love.
LOve you
have a good summer whereever you are!
this amazing pictures are from my blogroll fav blog ! ( fashion & circus, a stroll through my soul, Maffashion)

15 commentaires:

Fashion Agony a dit…

It's awesome, added it to my play list!


Anonyme a dit…

Gorgeous post love the inspirations

Cristiana Nunes a dit…

Pretty summertime photos!

Milica a dit…

Great photos! Love that boat :)


L. Edgar Otto a dit…

Hi Beautiful and your cool guy too!
Bon Iver is from my town and comes into the coffee shop here Often.

ThePeSla (a poet really)

Annie Chang a dit…

love the bikini top & flag print sneakers!


Hannah a dit…

Thank you so so much for the blog loving Marta - sending lots back to you!
Enjoy Italy, and Happy Summer :)
H xx

goodkat a dit…

awesome pictures! i love your blog, and your spirit!

Anne Laure a dit…

Amazing Pics!

xx Alli xx


Andreia a dit…

Great pics! Love them!


esse+1 a dit…

Not really my fave song from them, but it's pretty catchy.
Love your moodboard

Rianna a dit…

great pics, love the tribal bag and bracelets

Rianna xxx

Kata a dit…

Hi dear!I love your blog and you are so beutiful!<3

check my blog too:

Becky a dit…

these are beautiful, love the pics

Our Youth a dit…

Pretty summer photos :)