12 août 2011

M83- We Own the Sky

M83 is the band for who my boyfriend was playing as guitarist for 2 years.
still love it so much and had so many memories of Tour in US, Australia and Europ (also with Kings of Leon in UK) love especially this song.
New M83 album coming soon ! the new album Hurry up' we're Dreaming is still about teenage dream.

6 commentaires:

Eline a dit…

great song!
Cool that your bf played in this band. :)

Tiffany a dit…

wow your bf is the guitarist, how awesome! i've loved M83 forever :)

Clara Campelo a dit…

lovely blog!

Aoife a dit…

Oh gosh I crazily love M83, and this song in particular is so special to me and my sweet man.

I'm so happy you got to experience such amazing parts of the world in such a unique way!

Alejandra a dit…

you have such a lovely blog!

I follow u now sweetie!


kittenmasks a dit…

So cool! I love M83, even if it is suicide music.